Local gardening, environment and food organisations/shops

The Canberra Environment Centre has an extremely diverse range of information on everything sustainable. They also run events, projects and workshops.

SEE-Change are a local sustainability organisation who do lots of workshops on gardening, renewable energy and general sustainability among other things.

COGS (Canberra Organic Growers Society) have heaps of gardening and growing info, tips and news. They also operate 12 community gardens in the ACT and put out newsletter.

Open Garden Australian Scheme do tours to interesting gardens – they have some in Canberra, check out the calendar.

The Food Coop Shop is a great place to shop for organic, healthy, ethical food with packaging. They run an assortment of fun events such as pedal powered films, acoustic soup and skills-shares.

Canberra City Farm is the educational hub-in-the-making, coming soon!

Canberra Region Farmers Market is on every Saturday morning from early till 12. Lots of local produce and a great gourmet selection, it’s a must-do in Canberra.

Southside Farmers Market is same as above but on Sunday mornings at Woden CIT (and a bit smaller).

Choku Bai Jo is the Canberra’s farmer’s outlet. Big range of organic and local produce, much of it picked daily and sold at the Curtin and North Lyneham outlets.

ACT Beekeepers Association run courses on beekeeping.

Nearby farms and inspirational gardens

The Backyard Scientist is website and blog of local scientist Richard Stirzaker, who does many interesting experiments in his garden at home.

Allsun Farm is an organic market gardener and free range chook farm in Gundaroo, not far from Canberra. Their website has great information and amazing links. They also sell tools and have field days.

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms are two biodynamic farms near Bungendore, about 45 minutes from Canberra. They are a grazing, cropping and carbon building enterprise.

Milkwood is an educational permaculture farm near Mudgee filled with incredible enterprises, educational resources and inspiring ideas.

Useful websites

The Sustainable Community Plan is a free guide to making urban suburbs more sustainable. The plan is based in Chippendale, Sydney.

Grow Food Not Lawns is a site with lots of interesting articles, movies and ideas.

Biocycle is an online magazine on composting, renewable energy and sustainability.

The Greenhorns are a US-based grassroots non-profit organisation for young farmers – really great stuff going on and some good resources.

Other Interesting Articles 

Food that’ll re-grow from kitchen scraps

Why gardening makes you happy

Get rid of the lawn, plant your own vegetables

How to create a seed lending library

A food commons grows in Detroit

Andalusia farmers fight to turn military land into agricultural collective

On the National Food Plan:

Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Green Paper on the National Food Plan

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance People’s Food Plan Proposal

The draft National Food Plan: putting corporate hunger first (The Conversation)


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