About us

The Dirty Beanstalk is the Canberra Food Co-op’s gardening action and educational group. The group began with the move into a new building at the base of the Lena Karmel Unilodge at the beginning of 2012 which presented an opportunity to garden on the rooftop. The Unilodge offered the Food Co-op one garden bed from the rooftop garden they installed to grow our own produce. We gratefully accepted and The Dirty Beanstalk was born.

Since then, with limited space and lots of keen beans, The Beanstalk has been to expanding into other areas – greening minds and bare ground around town. We regularly help out with  gardening projects – in community gardens, child care centers and in the backyards of Canberra residents. We run fortnightly excursions to interesting gardens and gardening-related sites in Canberra and around canberra. At the Co-op itself we sell veggie seeds, grow seedlings and display plants. We have also begun doing a little bit of guerrilla gardening (gardens planted where gardens weren’t planned!). We also link in with other gardening and green projects such as workshops and skillshares, fruit tree mapping and other events around Canberra. The beanstalk exists to learn, educate and promote a more self-sufficient lifestyle, share the joy of growing produce and connecting with others through food.



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