Hey beansters,

If you’re wandering along one day and you find a wooden pallet (there’s plenty floating around) and you’re feeling creative, you should try making a pallet garden. They don’t take up too much space and are a nice way of gardening up, especially if you have little people and want to have accessible things like strawberries growing out – yum!
Last chance to get in for Barbara’s next workshop on garden planning and soils/composting, more information on the fabulous Antwalk up O’Connor Ridge, and tomato seedling sale that you should definitely get in on.

DB Spring Excursion Calendar Excursion: Antwalk! 
2:30pm, Saturday 18 October @ O’Connor Ridge (flyer attached)
Did you know for example that ants started harvesting resources to use as compost for the cultivation of fungal gardens more than 50 million years ago? And that Australia has over 1500 species of ant? That Canberra houses more ant species than the British Isles? Ants occupy almost every corner of the planet with the exception of Antarctica and a few islands. ANU ant biologist Chloe Raderschall has been studying navigation in nocturnal bull ants, seeking to understand how they use visual landmarks and the sky to navigate between food sources and their nest, what sensory adaptations they need to see in dim light and how their brain processes this information. She will take you on a wonderful journey up in local bushlands to explore the life of ants.
More info in flyer – suitable for children. Please wear enclosed shoes, and if you have a hand lens bring it along.  RSVP by Thursday 16 October.
Next Excursion: The Ceramicist Vegan Garden, Saturday 1 November
Garden Planning Workshop @ the Food Co-op (flyer attached)
with Barbara from Backyard Food
Saturday 18 October, 10am-12pm

Barbara will be looking at the physical aspect of gardens and at soil health – two very important factors in growing good vegies.

Still accepting people although we’re nearly full. Email for payment details and to confirm your place.
If you’re heading along to this fabulous lifestyle festival, come along for one of our workshops! All three are onSunday 26th October:
10.30am Knitting and Crocheting (Arts Marquee)
1pm Soils and Composting (Workshop Space)
4:30pm Knitting and Crocheting (Kids’ Space)

Merici School Seedling Sale (flyer attached)
Saturday 25 October, 8am-midday
Cnr Limestone Ave & Henty St Braddon
The fine tomato growers of the Merici Sustainability Program are selling the products of their hard work! An amazing variety of seedlings will be available, including Black Krim, Green Zebra, Tigerella and Cherry tomatoes – at the unbeatable price of 4 for $10. Go get your spring gardening on!
Seed Packing @ the Food Co-op 
Thursday 6 November4:30-6pm

Come help us pack summer varieties – skipping a fortnight in here to allow for exam period (we’re all hardworking students).


SLC/ANU Organic Garden Working Bees
Saturday 10am-12pm, Tuesday 4-56m, Lennox Crossing

This lovely educational garden by the lake makes for a great place to spend an hour or two on a sunny Saturdaymorning. Check the facebook page for updates.

DB Bush Foods Bed @ the SLC Organic Garden
10am-12pm, every second Saturday @ Lennox Crossing
Next working bee will be this Saturday 18th October. Last Saturday didn’t have any plants to put in in the end, so it’ll be happening Saturday week. If you’re interested in input on what goes in or want to know more, send us an email and we’ll put you in touch with lovely coordinator Sara.

DB @ the Rooftop Garden
Food Co-op, 11am-1pm Saturdays, Kingsley St

The Rooftop Garden grows herbs and some vegies in the difficult micro-climate up there in the wind and heat. Great for sunny days, come help and take some produce home.


Construction Expert (or just experienced person) needed for Canberra City Farm Site
If you know how to build stuff, CCF want to hear from you! Help is needed with construction of the new temporary site in Turner, which is a very exciting stage to be involved in – setting up the hub that the city farm will be! Email them at canberracityfarm@gmail.com.
Volunteering with DB – Film Organiser
Still nobody has volunteered for this 😦 Would be great for next year! There’s a great Pedal Powered Cinema we have access to at the co-op (some of you will be acquainted with it already), and of course there’s many, many wonderful garden and earth-health related films out there, which we’d love to show! If you’re an organising person who loves films and plants and has some time to invest, we want to hear from you! Can be short or long term, email us for details.
Natural Sequence Farming (NSF) is this interesting little theory on a way of farming developed by (somewhat controversial) Aussie farmer Peter Andrews. The idea is to rehydrate degraded landscapes in a way that works with nature not against it by reconstructing natural flows within waterways, instead of something like irrigation. Australian Story has done a show on Peter Andrews and he’s written a couple of books.
It’s great for larger-scale farming, it’s not really an urban agriculture thing, but it’s very interesting for our hinterland close-by, our food bowl. Different people are trying it, it’s made its mark on Australian agriculture, and it’s another voice questioning how food is produced – just how do we get past intensive production to healthy productive landscapes?
In gardening love,

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