Rooftop Garden Tour October 2014

This weekend marked the first of our spring excursions and we could not have asked for a better start to the series of events planned for this season. We began close to home in the perfect spring Saturday sun – starting where the roots of The Dirty Beanstalk lay (quite literally!) with a tour of our rooftop garden. It was truly a pleasure to be joined by such a delightful bunch of first-time visitors at this enchanting piece of urban agriculture nestled atop the Food Co-op building.

There were some keen growers/gardeners amongst the group who undoubtedly held a wealth of knowledge and strong commitment to growing food in the most natural ways possible. Although just as importantly there were also those with a keen interest in learning more, with everyone sharing in the chance to see an inner-city growing space in action.

A lot of the discussion focussed on how the soil and plants cope in a rooftop micro-climate often exposed to harsh winds, heat, and potential frost. Brendan talked us through his strategies and gave us a close-up look at his mulching, composting, and watering techniques. For now at least, everything is looking mighty healthy up there!

Some of the highlights included hearing about Peter’s experiments with wood chips in his home composting system (apparently the worms love it!), and Break O’ Day Farm’s John and Vicki describing their revegetation work (and own battles with frost and water restrictions) on their land in Gundaroo. Lastly, what a pleasure it was to witness the excitement and curiosity our youngest visitor Clover displays towards growing food and also find out about her school Kitchen Garden.

In summary, there were no mistakes for this group that it is all about sun, soil and water – the key elements for not only growing our food but for all life, and through our visitors and resident Beanstalker’s coming together we all created the opportunity to grow a bit of community as well!

So, thank you again to everyone involved in making our first excursion extremely enjoyable, full of good company and interesting discussion. We welcome anyone and encourage everyone to join the weekly opportunity to help out/hang out in the garden on Saturday’s from 11 to 1pm. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for fresh chemical-free produce from both the rooftop and Break O’ Day Farm regularly available at the Food Co-op.

Finally, stay tuned as we head further afield for more adventures of the season!


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