Hello plant-lovers,

If you’re looking for something special to grow this summer, why not try Turkish Orange Eggplants? Apparently they originated in Africa, albeit Turkish in name, and are small, sweet and have a prolific yield. We have some packs at the Food Co-op so come on down and get experimenting!
Lots of exciting news this week, including Barbara’s next workshop on garden planning and soils/composting, our Rooftop Garden Tour THIS SATURDAY (!!) and free massage!


Seed Packing @ the Food Co-op 
Thursday 9 October4:30-6pm

Been a bit slim on the helpers last few seed packings, if you’re thinking about coming we’d love some extra help…. for the whole time or come for a bit (and take home some seeds). We have heaps of lovely heirloom varieties in so could be interesting learning also 🙂
DB @ Floriade
Tuesday 7 October, 10am
We’re there next week talking about building healthy communities and doing a tour of the Urban Agriculture Australia display – come say hi, check out the flowers and the AMAZING urban agriculture beds – they have aquaponics, no-dig beds, composting systems, food forests, chickens, everything…

Garden Planning Workshop @ the Food Co-op (flyer attached)
with Barbara from Backyard Food
Saturday 18 October, 10am-12pm

We have another one! Last one was a great success, thanks to all who came and demanded more. This time Barbara will be looking at the physical aspect of gardens and at soil health – two very important factors in growing good vegies.

Please email us to reserve your place and get details – payment is required by Friday 10 October.

DB Spring Excursion Calendar
First excursion: Rooftop Garden Tour @ Lena Karmel Lodge (Food Co-op building). 12pm, Saturday 4 October. No RSVP necessary, meet in the co-op at 11:55pm, 3 Kingsley Street Acton (flyer attached).
Up next: Antwalk! 1:30pm, Saturday 18 October @ O’Connor Ridge. More details next week.


SLC/ANU Organic Garden Working Bees
Saturday 10am-12pmTuesday 3:30-5pmLennox Crossing

This lovely educational garden by the lake makes for a great place to spend an hour or two on a sunny Saturdaymorning. Check the facebook page for updates.

DB Bush Foods Bed @ the SLC Organic Garden
10am-12pm, every second Saturday @ Lennox Crossing
Next working bee will be this Saturday 4th October, going to be doing a bunch of planting with new seedlings so come on down!

DB @ the Rooftop Garden
Food Co-op, 11am-1pm Saturdays, Kingsley St

The Rooftop Garden grows herbs and some vegies in the difficult micro-climate up there in the wind and heat. Great for sunny days, come help and take some produce home.


Volunteering with DB – Film Organiser
So there’s this great Pedal Powered Cinema we have access to at the co-op (some of you will be acquainted with it already), and of course there’s many, many wonderful garden and earth-health related films out there, which we’d love to show! If you’re an organising person who loves films and plants and has some time to invest, we want to hear from you! Can be short or long term, email us for details.

Shhhhh….. secret gardens

Guerilla gardening may be back. Email us your phone number to go on our very secret list, we’ll text you when there’s action.
Free Thai Massage
Our lovely blogger Saaro needs people to practice massage on for a course! If you’re interested send us an email and we’ll put you in touch.


The Australian permaculture scene is a happening place. The brainchild of Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, permaculture is a (continually evolving) system where agriculture, design, economics, ethics and other elements are considered as integral elements to productive, sustainable lifestyles. To get into learning about permaculture, there’s heaps of books and info online, but a great way is to access one of the many courses around – the standard course being the Permaculture Design Course (PDC), offered at a variety of places including Milkwood,Permaculture College Australia, the Permaculture Research Institute and truly, the list goes on, there are places EVERYWHERE.
In Canberra, there’s lots happening too. There’s the Permaculture Exchange, who run courses frequently including the up-and-coming Introduction to Permaculture course at the end of November; Permablitz use permaculture principles and focus on getting unused space (maybe in your back/front garden!) into productive edibles land.
If you want to read about permaculture in hard copy, check out Pip Magazine – the first Australian mag truly dedicated to just permaculture! You can pick up a copy at your local Food Co-op too 😉
In gardening love,

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