Hello dirt-lovers,

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine and getting out into the garden – we have been! Rooftop garden is looking excellent, as is the SLC garden, lots of lovely produce coming out with the blossoms. If you’re wondering what to start seeding now, check out this great blog post from Milkwood Permaculture on different tomato varieties, it’s inspiring 🙂

Thanks to all who made it along to the Meaningful Movies screening of Dirt! at the Pedal Powered Cinema last week, it was a great night.

Also for anyone wanting to come along to this week’s seed packing, it’s been changed from Thursday to Tuesday, sorry to change, hope you can still make it!


Seed Packing @ the Food Co-op 
Tuesday 9 September5-6pm

This fortnight the day has changed to Tuesday! Come help us lovingly package the life that goes in the ground – come for the whole time or come for a bit (and take home some seeds).
Spring Gardening Workshop @ the Food Co-op (flyer attached)
with Barbara from Backyard Food
Saturday 13 September, 10am-12pm

Barbara will be sharing her knowledge on all things for seeds, sprouts, seedling survival, and preparing you for a great harvest!

Places have filled for this workshop, but if you’re still interested we have decided to take more people still and run a second workshop if we get numbers. Email us to get details.

Urban Agriculture Australia ‘A City of Food’ Series, September

A series of talks centring around local, sustainable food production will be held on Wednesday nights in September, asking all the questions (and maybe giving answers) to everything Canberra urban agriculture related.

Book tickets to one or the whole series here.

DB Spring Excursion Calendar
It’s coming back! We’ll be doing excursions to exciting gardens and garden-related places on a few Saturday afternoons this spring, watch this space.


SLC/ANU Organic Garden Working Bees
Saturday 10am-12pm, Tuesday 3:30-5pm, Lennox Crossing

This lovely educational garden by the lake makes for a great place to spend an hour or two on a sunny Saturday morning. Check the facebook page for updates.

DB Bush Foods Bed @ the SLC Organic Garden
10am-12pm, every second Saturday @ Lennox Crossing

Thanks to everyone who helped last Saturday – the bed’s looking fantastic! Next working bee will be on Saturday 20th September, come on down 🙂

DB @ the Rooftop Garden
Food Co-op, 11am-1pm Saturdays, Kingsley St

The Rooftop Garden grows herbs and some vegies in the difficult micro-climate up there in the wind and heat. Great for sunny days, come help and take some produce home.


Free kombucha and kefir!!

If anyone is interested in making their own kombucha, the tasty, fermented ‘miracle fungus’ drink your guts will love, DBer Rodney has offered to give a free scoby to anyone who is keen to try their hand at it. Contact him at rodney_martin2006 at yahoo dot com dot au.

We also have another member, Sadie, who is making lots of milk kefir and has offered it for free (maybe in exchange for something else yummy!) to anyone who might be interested. Contact her on u4469589 at anu dot edu dot au.

Volunteering with DB – Film Organiser

So there’s this great Pedal Powered Cinema we have access to at the co-op (some of you will be acquainted with it already), and of course there’s many, many wonderful garden and earth-health related films out there, which we’d love to show! If you’re an organising person who loves films and plants and has some time to invest, we want to hear from you! Can be short or long term, email us for details.

Volunteering with Urban Agriculture Australia (UAA) at Floriade

UAA really need volunteers right about now, Floriade starts this week! So if you were thinking about signing up, now is the time. Fill out the survey and get on board!

Lyneham Commons Food Forest Project

Lyneham Commons is a community gardening project happening in the inner north, and it’s happening! Concerned about peak oil, food security and sovereignty and sustainability, the Commons are tackling these issues in the most local way – by encroaching on previously unused land to grow food. Check out their blog and Facebook page here.


Universities, as a microcosm of the city around, are great experimenting grounds for sustainability. Indeed many universities around the world have ‘green campus’ sustainability programs, and the sustainability rankings of universities are becoming many! Both Tufts University in the US and Universitas Indonesia have developed sustainability meters for universities. University green offices are springing up in all kinds of places, such as South Africa and Ecuador, and apparently, all over Australia. 
There are networks like the the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability, and almost every campus seems to have a sustainability office, ACUAdelaideUQ and Macquarie to mention a few. Of course, ANU is known to have a very good green office at ANUgreen, who work on energy efficiency, student outreach and behavioural change. Go universities! Next they just have to get all their investments out of fossil fuels, source good food and support their community gardens, and set to go.
In gardening love,

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