Newsletter August 2014.

Hello beanies,

August is S month – silverbeet, spinach and snowpeas are all splendid planting right now, in preparation for spring harvest. They don’t mind frost too much and you can plant them straight out, thought they may do a little better when we’re not in the depths of snowball earth. You can also start growing spring seedlings indoors soon, and at our seed-packing later this week we’ll be putting out some lovely spring varieties in the co-op for sale in anticipation!


Seed Packing @ the Food Co-op
Thursday 14 August, 4:30-6pm

Come help us lovingly package the life that goes in the ground – come for the whole time or come for a bit (and take home some seeds).

DB hosts Pedal Powered Cinema Meaningful Movies
Tuesday 2 September, 7:30pm

Amnesty Canberra are holding monthly movies at the Food Co-op on the first Tuesday or each month, and this month DB is hosting!! Yay! We’re going to be showing a film about our favourite thing in the whole world, soil. Dirt! The Movie tells the story of soil and its importance and challenges to its good management and survival.

The film will be followed by a short talk by ANU academic Dr John Field. Tea and nibblies provided, RSVP not essential but appreciated.

Edible Gardening Workshops @ the Food Co-op with Barbara from Backyard Food (flyer attached)
Saturday 30 August, 10am-12pm

This workshop may not run due to low numbers – if you’re interested in participating, please email us and we’ll see if we can get enough people together.


SLC/ANU Garden Working Bees
Saturday 10am-12pm, Tuesday 3:30-5pm, Lennox Crossing

This lovely educational garden by the lake makes for a great place to spend an hour or two on a sunny Saturday morning. Check the facebook page for updates.

DB @ the Rooftop Garden
Food Co-op, 11am-1pm Saturdays, Kingsley St

The Rooftop Garden grows herbs and some vegies in the difficult micro-climate up there in the wind and heat. Great for sunny days, come help and take some produce home.


Free kombucha!!

If anyone is interested in making their own kombucha, the tasty, fermented ‘miracle fungus’ drink your guts will love, DBer Rodney has offered to give a free scoby to anyone who is keen to try their hand at it. Contact him at rodney_martin2006 at yahoo dot com dot au. Information on what kombucha is and how to make it attached, and if you’re feeling super keen you can also register for the Environment Centre’s kombucha and kefir making workshop being held on 19 August.

Volunteering with Urban Agriculture Australia (UAA) at Floriade

UAA are once again doing an exploratory pathways display at Canberra’s annual flower festival, Floriade. This exciting initiative puts food production into this massive festival, and there are plenty of opportunities to help out!

Floriade is held 13 September – 12 October, but there are opportunities to volunteer before and after. Fill out the survey and get on board!

DB Native Edibles Bed @ ANU SLC Organic Garden

We’re going to start sprucing up the natives demonstration bed in the next few weeks, if you’re interested and want to be involved, send us an email and we’ll give you deets.


Ah, the challenge of building resilient food communities – it’s all mixed up with homesteading, urban agriculture, permaculture, every kind of culture, and the most important, human culture. Efforts at changing human culture to local food economies (or at least a bit more balanced) are definitely happening in Australia, just have a look at the Open Food Network, our own Australian Capital Region Food Hub, as well as any number of other initiatives around connecting paddock to plate.

Designing this behavioural change around local food systems is also very interesting, just check out this great talk from University of Vermont! Or… watch this other great talk about building sustainable food communities… need some more inspiration…? The Environment Centre have an informative page on how to transform your house and garden, or how to connect into the local food community. Go go go!

In gardening love,


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